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Receive SMS / TXT Services

SMS4U can provide Shared Short Codes and Long Codes with a variety of campaign and work flow options for you. When a SMS message is received to your Short Code or Long Code, the message is logged, posted inside our Web Portal and optionally Emailed or HTTP POSTed to your Website.

Shared Short Codes are short mobile numbers (three or four digits) used only for SMS messaging. We will allocate you a Keyword on a Short Code. Users can send a text to the short code, beginning with your Keyword, to receive an automated reply back. You will receive the sender's details for a prize draw or later contact.
Texts cost the sender 20c, with your automated reply message being free of charge. Short Codes can be used within New Zealand only.

Long Codes are standard length mobile numbers that are designed purely for receiving text messages. We will receive any text messages sent to your Long Code and deliver these to you via Email, HTTP POST or our Web Portal.