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Send SMS / TXT Services

SMS with Free Replies!

You can receive SMS/TXT replies back to your email address at no charge!

Broadcast marketing to your customers

Reach all your customers by sending a SMS messages to their cell phone within seconds. A very effective marketing tool. SMS4U now gives you a more effective and cost efficient way to market to your customers. Compile a simple email with your SMS message, attach your list of cell phone numbers and send. The SMS Sending service will send them in seconds and provide a full management report.

Schedule SMS messages as reminders

The SMS4U servers support time delays, so you can submit SMS messages to be sent for an upcoming event. This is great for a reminder if you have something important to do.

Send SMS/TXT messages on certain events

Want to provide automated TXT message notification when a particular event occurs? SMS4U can be used as an alert tool. Using our APIs, you can integrate SMS messaging into your existing software.
For example, System Administrators can automate their Server Monitoring to send a text when an issue is detected, Share Brokers can create automatic text alerts if a share price point is reached, or a dentist can send reminder messages to patients.